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Doing a good job is more than just having the right tools and the latest knowledge. Its more than how many years you've been in practice and more than what we can tell you about our firm.  To be successful and to form long lasting relationships as a professional service firm, ACT Architects believes listening must be a central ethos.  Listening to clients, staff, and consultants directs each project to a level and quality surpasing any single individual's expectations.  Ultimately, the emergence of ACT Architects as a leading firm in Northeast Florida is the result of our principals agreeing on a fundamental set of values, developing a business around these values and finally executing project after project that surpassed all expectations.

ACT Architects embraces the principal that action, creativity and technology play an equal and interactive role in providing the most proactive, personal and advanced service to our clients.  Leveraging quick response times, multiple perspectives in problem solving and the most advanced technologies available for architectural design enables ACT Architects to investigate, clarify and eventually realize and exceed the goals of clients.