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ACT Architects' design projects draw on an interactive relationship among Action, Creativity and Technology.


From the first phone call or notice to proceed, ACT will energize the project by anticipating each step in the design and construction process while proactively investigating and coordinating the work in order to complete the design and construction efficiently, cost-effectively and on time.


Creativity is more than just 'thinking outside the box'.  At ACT we strive to bring a fresh approach to every problem.  Our architects, designers and contractors are involved at every stage of the design and construction process, constantly (re) evaluating the problems and possibilities as they present themselves.  In this way, creativity is more than just a catch phrase, it becomes a method for reducing construction and design costs, change orders and construction time as well as leading to better looking, more energy efficient buildings.


ACT beleives in using the right tool for the job.  When it comes to architectural technologies, we use the most advanced technologies available.  From sketches to photo-realistic renderings and animations, ACT chooses the most appropriate tool to communicate information.