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About ACT Architects - Jacksonville, FL

At ACT Architects, our philosophy extends beyond the utilization of the latest tools and knowledge. It revolves around the pivotal practice of attentive listening to our clients, staff, and consultants, guiding each project towards surpassing individual expectations. Our emergence as a leading firm in Northeast Florida is a testament to the alignment of our core values, the foundation of our business, and the consistent execution of projects that exceed all anticipations.

ACT Architects firmly believes that action, creativity, and technology form an interconnected trio, crucial for providing the most proactive, personalized, and advanced services to our esteemed clients. By capitalizing on swift response times, diverse problem-solving perspectives, and cutting-edge architectural technologies, we meticulously investigate, clarify, and ultimately surpass client goals, exceeding expectations at every turn.

Comprising architects, contractors, and support staff with diverse experiences and interests, ACT Architects leverages unique synergies to ensure our work benefits not only our clients but also the communities and the environment at large. With an extensive collective experience in all aspects of architectural design, production, and administration, our team boasts a collective industry experience of over 45 years.

We Prioritize Sustainability

ACT Architects remains dedicated to endorsing environmentally responsible designs, with our very own Brad Hollett serving as a LEED Accredited Professional. We consistently encourage sustainable building practices wherever feasible, fostering a commitment to leveraging alternative energy sources and building materials and methods.

Understanding LEED

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) stands as a preeminent green building certification program, setting the gold standard for high-performance green buildings and neighborhoods. Recognizing the significance of a holistic approach to sustainability, LEED acknowledges performance in several critical areas, including sustainable site development, water savings, energy efficiency, indoor environmental quality, and more.

Meet Brad Hollett, LEED AP BD+C

Bradd Hollett

As the Managing Member of Accelerated Contractors and co-owner of ACT Architects, Brad Hollett boasts an impressive 30 years of experience in the construction industry. His diverse portfolio includes successful completion of various projects ranging from medical facilities and office spaces to restaurants and retail stores, solidifying his reputation as a dedicated advocate for environmentally friendly practices.

Meet Ricardo Baerga-Ibanez, CSI, CCS, CCCA, LEED AP, NCARB

Ricardo Baerga-Ibanes)

As the Vice President and Principal at ACT Architects, Ricardo Baerga-Ibanez brings over three decades of expertise in programming, planning, design, management, and construction documentation across an extensive spectrum of projects. His unwavering commitment to fostering strong client relationships through collaboration and trust serves as a cornerstone for successful project deliveries within stringent timelines and budget constraints.

Meet David Christine, AIA, LEED AP, NCARB

david.jpg (16,376 bytes)

Drawing on nearly four decades of experience in programming, planning, and design for large and complex multi-disciplinary projects, David Christine serves as a Vice President within the Architecture, Planning, and Design practice at ACT Architects. His collaborative management style unites design teams, consultants, and owners, creating an optimal environment for balancing design, budget, and schedule conformity to meet project objectives and goals.

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